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Member's Privileges Title

Join us as memberBeing a member of GroomWerkz spells privileges. Not only do we only make your car look great as thats essentially our duty but we also try and accomodate and make your trip to us as hassle free and enjoyable as we can. Granted, we are not Banyan tree resort nor do we even come close to Shangri-La and we would never allow you to insist that we rush through to get your ride done because that defies our mission . However, our humble setup does offer the following facilities exclusively for members to make your wait seem lesser:

Courtesy Cars ( Our in house Limousine Service ) :

Didn't believe it but its true . Simply indicate that you need our courtesy car in advance when you make an appointment.  Early bird gets the worm though …..courtesy car in this case.  Only 2 units on standby at every branch .No charge whatsoever. Polite servings of automatic gear shift to accomodate any grade of drivers. Select from our prestigious fleet of Picanto & Chery QQs. Go forth and burn those tarmac, just don’t get t remember to return in exchange for your ride once she’s prim and properly groomed.

Ask for Ferry Service

Indicate you need a lift when you make a booking and our in house F1 drivers will zip you your next destination in no time, guaranteed no pit stop. 

Take a Break

Laze around, gaze the 32”plasma, surf the web and simply immerse yourself in our humble cosy corner every branch . So comfortable, we might have to restrain you from staying over for the night!

Members hear this ....

Use us ! Yep! At GroomWerkz, we want you to tap our on resources and industry knowledge . Squeeze us dry....

In our endeavour to provide a more complete service to our customer, we try to provide everything under the sun, car related that is  . Fortunately, logic and sense prevail and we realise that trying hard still may not make us masters of all trades . Instead, we opt for the better alternative and over the years made many friends in our car fraternity . These friends of ours made commitments to also treat our customers like theirs and so Members of GroomWerkz can now rely on us to introduce and recommend some of the finest craftmen on the shores of Singapore. The following are services that we can undertake and oursource to our friends to accomplish and you can be sure that we would undertake the task to demand nothing less than the highest standard of professionalism and workmanship from them

  • Bodyworks Restoration and  Spray Painting Services

    Got a major repair job?

    Nobody wants to get their hair all messed up, let alone their car. Living on mother earth, gravity and at times human insanity prevails and we sometimes end up needing a repair and restoration job.

    Well, as members , you know us and we pretty much know the industry. Leverage on us and use us to provide information and recommend some of the best players and partners when it comes to bodyworks repair and restoration. That’s the least we could do to lessen your momentary and monetary misery.

  • Leather Restoration Service

    Mouldy leather ? Get that leather restore professional in !

    What’s the difference between a stain and a discoloration on leather seats . Very much a world apart !The first requires just a proper clean up which our team can handle with ease while the latter requires professional dye restoration.  That’s right, you do not always need to rewrap that discoloured leather seat! A dye restoration brings back the colour to your leather upholstery and most importantly, vibrance up your cabin interior.  A good leather dye restorer needs to have a steady hand of an artist and a good eye for colour. Ask our supervisor on leather restoration services. All it takes is a matter of hours and you could be plunging yourself snugly into a newly restored seat, original leather intact , supple and fresh.

  • Glass / windscreen chip repair services

    I see it clearly now!

    Got a nasty chip on the windscreen thats a perpetual irritant to your view. Worse still, it seems to grow in size by the day and thats dangerous.

    Windscreen chip repair is a tender task so allow us to call in the expert.


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