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"I have been a GroomWerkz customer since 2001 and had been kept renewing my membership years after years. I am very pleased with every session I had with GroomWerkz. They always transform my car into a show room condition car every time I collect my car without fail. Yong and his group of professional groomers put in great efforts to ensure all their customers drive their cars out from their grooming workshops with a smile on their faces. They make everything so right that I will not let anyone else touch my car, except the GroomWerkz guys! Thank you Yong, you guys had make my cars shine for 6 years and there will be more 6 years to come."

Audi A4 Cabrio

"Professionalism and high level of attention to detail was what attracted me to GroomWerkz back in 2003. Since then, Yong and his team of groomers have continued on to raise the bar. Their intimate knowledge of paint and grooming solutions means that I am assured of top notch result, regardless of the car that I sent in. A visit to GroomWerkz is always a pleasant experience. The care given to the cars need to be seen to be believed, and the customer service is wonderful. Keep up the great work, guys!"

Simon Chew
Audi A4 to Audi A6 to Audi S3
Member since 2003

"I have been using GroomWerkz since 2001 and to date this is my third car that has been under their care. GroomWerkz has been very professional with their grooming works and pay detailed attention to areas that requires special care, like ensuring that no polish residues are visible on areas like rubber seals and panel gaps. Interior grooming is also done professionally and you have choice of shine or matt finish when applying dashboard conditioning. Leathers are also thoroughly cleaned and conditioned. I have no doubts carrying on sending my cars to Groomwork so to have peace of mind."

Simon Ow
Nissan Cefiro to Nissan Cefiro to Diamond Black Merc C200
Member since 2001




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